Levers Behind our Biotechnology Platform

Our platform integrates cutting-edge computational and biological technology to accelerate new product development, improve strain performance, and optimise production processes.

    Artificial intelligence

    Finding a needle in a haystack

    Our AI platform helps our scientists and clients sift through biology's endless possibilities. Through data-driven models, we chart and harness optimisation landscapes with precision.

    Systems biology

    Decoding nature's blueprint

    Our systems biology approach empowers our researchers and partners to understand how all the pieces fit together in biology. We use smart models to untangle the complexities of biological systems, revealing meaningful insights for accelerated discoveries.

    Synthetic biology

    Designing the future

    With our R&D platform, we're reshaping nature's most efficient carbon-recycling microbes. Our platform strains are engineered with precision and stability, thanks to our well-established protocols and molecular toolkits.

    Together we go further

    We are on a mission to empower algae solutions at a global level. Discover what algae and AI can do for your business. Join us as a knowledge partner.

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