Pioneering Algal Products At Scale

Our expertise spans three fundamental areas, each designed to address your unique needs.


Future-proof your product portfolio

Discover our range of functional biopolymers, with applications in the pharmaceutical, biomedical, personal care, food & beverage, and packaging industries. Our product development provides a consistent and sustainable source of high-performance ingredients that are customised to meet your specific application needs.

Personal Care
Food & Beverage

Enhance your strain performance

Microalgae strains are full of untapped potential - we help you to unlock this potential by providing a systematic characterisation service, paving the way for targeted development towards your trait of interest.


Bioprocess Optimisation

Our AI platform empowers biomanufacturers to tap into the full potential of their industrial facilities.

Produce golden batches. Every time.
  • Drive down costs via automation
  • Increase margins by optimising yield
  • Build a long-term data strategy
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Maximise your data’s potential

Our automations, predictions, and recommendations help you optimise the complex interplay of environmental and biological factors of your unique bioprocesses, ensuring consistent quality and maximising productivity.

Validated in industrial field trials, our approach could elevate your biomass productivity by up to 50%, giving daily optimal recommendations per reactor and forecasting productivity five days into the future.


Do more with less

Boost operational efficiency by allowing us to aggregate all your data in one place. Integrate IoT sensor, analytical, satellite and process data from your plant and lab for enhanced quality and yield control. Leverage historical data for better decisions and quicker responses to changes.

Double expert productivity and save up to 25% of employee time on routine tasks, ensuring reliability and consistency.

Future-proof your product portfolio

Swap carbon-positive products for algae-based alternatives. 
Explore what algae and AI can do for your business today.

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